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IOS 12 broke it? Reinstall it.

After installing iOS 12, iOS indicated that the app needed to be updated by the developer and that it is not approved to create a VPN. Deleting and reinstalling it fixed the issue. It’s odd that the app did not automatically get set to be updated like the other 32 apps that did when I installed iOS12. 🤷‍♂️

Fails to connect on Ios

Failed to connect, opened ticket with Sonicwall, they said to upgrade SRA, did so, same error. Apparently not willing to troubleshoot actual issue, leaning on “oh you are three updates behind, upgrade and call back” is the current tactic. Sorry but quite upset. Been trying to roll this to production for awhile now.

It connects on the iPad but not on the iPhone.

Both are configured identically, but the iPhone never establishes a connection. Tired removing, reseting network settings and restarting the phone, but the problem remains. And it works perfectly on my iPad.

vpn dns

I always use it,but this verson dns can not work, bad verson.


Has my app been hacked ? Login screen asks for passwod.

Latest update broke functionality 5.0.2

I cannot vpn with this app since I just updated to 5.0.2 No way to roll back. You need to fix it ASAP since I will need it for the whole week while I’m away. Thanks


Thanks for all the fixes!

v5.0 is broken on iOS 9

So you're going to force me to get a new phone to make this work? I can't install a newer iOS on my phone and I refuse to buy a new iPhone for work just to connect to the VPN. Please fix, or make v5.0 incompatible with iOS 9 and allow for legacy version download!

Stopped working with new update

Worked very nicely before last update. Now I can no longer get on employers network. Just keep getting error message saying disconnect bad request when trying to connect.

Broken on iOS 11.1 and 11.1.1

It crashes right after I login, right before the OTP entry page comes up. This is on the 6s and the X.

It does not work in US with LTE

I have been with sonicwall support for sslvpn issue we have using LTE. Unfortunately I have to give it one star for now.

Works great

This product works with current IOS Mobil clients and updated firewall software. Sonicwall now has a current configuration guide to get mobile clients configured to the FW

Was working prior to update

Isn’t anymore... devs!

Won’t stay connected

I’m not sure what happened with the latest version of this client but since upgrading, I can’t stay connected on my MacBook or iPhone for more than a second while on WiFi. . The app just goes into an endless loop of connecting/disconnecting. Cellular works and I’ve tested on multiple WiFi routers.

Absolutely awful, killed a great app with this version

MobileConnect has been fantastic for many years, it just worked. This version is broken beyond belief, the ability to toggle VPN under settings is borked, and more importantly VPN DNS servers are no longer being used. When I attempt a lookup of a split DNS intranet site I’m getting the public IP! Internal server names are now resolving as null. Really wish I could downgrade to the previous version...

Doesn't shut down.

I have iPhone 6s+, IOS 10.3.3, and unless I reboot the phone, this app stays in a constant "disconnecting" mode when attempting to shut down.

Continually disconnecting

After disconnecting, app continually spins... can't even force close to reconnect.

Unable to connect

Can't connect to TZ 500. No indication as to why in the mobile app logs. Firewall shows successful authentication. Problem must be in this app. Please fix!

No longer works

Unable to connect after update. Worked great previously. Now, nothing.

Gets Stuck

Gets stuck disconnecting which is ridiculous. Only way to use app again is to REBOOT PHONE. Really a pain and hopefully they will fix it. Been doing this for at least the last two versions.

One of the best vpns now the worst

Updated to latest (4.0.21) and now will not work on any iOS 10.3.x device (iPad and iPhone) to TZ 215 on Luckily had backup of a Sonicwall Mobile 3.0.10 to get me running again. Recommend not upgrading until Sonicwall fixes this issue.


Soho on firmware iOS 10.2.1. Since update after disconnecting from VPN status will continue to say disconnecting even when force closing app. Have to restart phone to make it usable again. Works great while using though.

Broken please fix

Please fix this is broken!

Update broke this version

Gets hung at every disconnect. Have to reboot to connect again. Crazy! Please fix asap.


Working fine until current version.

Broke my VPN

Ever since the update, I cannot connect to my home sonicwall. It does nothing and if you press connect enough times, it'll say "the IP address in pool is exhausted." Nope.

Better, but maybe a bug?

I'm glad that SonicWALL is no longer under Dell! It will definitely make for better stuff. :) This version works better than any other version before it with one exception: when I disconnect, sometimes it gets stuck in disconnecting stage. Tried exiting and relaunching. Reboot seems to be the only thing that works.


This does not work. Please update this app!

Works flawlessly, but read

I would have been not happy if I didn't read on of the other reviewers. This does work with iOS 10 (on your phone), however, make sure you update your firmware to the latest version. I was having issues and updated now I am able to connect. No other configuration or settings required.

Sonicwall Mobile Connect

I have been using the Sonicwall Mobile connect for a few years and it has worked great! Such a great tool for IT admins to connect to their network that sits behind their Sonicwall. Use the Microsoft RDP app with SonicWALL Mobile connect for quick server access. I can get to my servers from my iPhone 6s Plus in about 30 seconds. I recently updated my iOS on the iPhone to iOS 10, which did not work with the SonicWALL Mobile connect😞. Thankfully after looking at the reviews, some users mentioned about enabling server cipher preference and choosing AES256_Sha1. After turning on this setting my Mobile connect now works!!!😊


I can't believe they won't fix this. They even contend that the latest update worked - nope! Sure there are reviews explaining settings on the hardware end that will get it done, but as just a user of Mobile Connect, I don't have that kind of access. I've got an idea, I will just contact my I.T. department and tell them what they need to change. Oh wait, they will tell me I shouldn't have upgraded my little toy to IOS 10 and to "just" revert back to IOS 9. I am back to 9 now, and have lost little things like the ability to play any music, or use Outlook mail in any way, but Sonicwall does work. Oh well, I actually do need remote access more than any other application. It will be nice when Dell gets their act together and I can say yes to the phone reminding me all day that an upgraded IOS is available. Strong work guys!

WORKING NOW: Another iOS 10 Complaint...

Same thing here with the software becoming useless after an iOS 10 update... Come on people.. You had time during the beta to make sure this wouldn't happen to your paying customers.. We depend on your services to operate like we pay for them to. Please get this resolved... 9.28.2016 UPDATE: Took the advice of another review and set the cipher preference to AES256_SHA1... iOS 10 devices are now functional alongside our other non iOS devices.. Appears that iOS 10 may force a higher security standard (which makes sense)... Thank you for posting the fix!!!

Finally got it to work on iOS 10

Had to call SonicWALL. Under SSL VPN I had to check the Enable Server Cipher Preference and set the Cipher Methods to AES256.

No, it actually does not work

Unlike one reviewer here, I updated to the latest release if the firmware for my NSA240 and this app still does not work. Get your act together, Dell.

It actually does work with iOS 10

Just to let you all know it actually does work with iOS 10. But you must update the firmware on your Sonicwall router to the most recent early release version. Even though the release notes for this software says it works with earlier versions of the firmware that is wrong. Once I updated the firmware to the latest early release version on all my NSA series and TZ series routers it immediately worked.


UPDATE: 9/23/16 This version STILL does not work with iOS 10! Do these guys even bother testing their own software before submitting it to AppReview? ORIGINAL REVIEW: How is it possible that in this new era of Apple's "openness" in terms of making iOS betas *publicly* available for everyone, that an ostensibly maintained application like this can still be broken by the final release of a new OS? The developers had more than enough time to test against the betas of iOS 10, and yet here we all are, locked out of our VPN access. Get your act together, Dell. Either commit to being on iOS or don't. You have absolutely no excuse for this app being nonfunctional on iOS 10 launch day!

Still doesn't work with iOS 10

Removed old version, installed update, and it still doesn't work!


WOW SONICWALL WHAT A DISGRACE!! GET YOUR SH*T TOGETHER! Beta has been out for months and now weeks after the official launch of iOS 10 your app still doesn't work. Just updated to 4.0.16 same problem. CISCO STOCK LOOKS PROMISING...


Still doesn't work with iOs10 after update. Did anyone think to test this before releasing?

Oh No!

Update to fix IOS10 issues doesn't. Boo!

Doesn't work with iOS 10

I hoped this update would fix the problem, but it doesn't. I tried the support link from their app page and it doesn't work. Don't upgrade to iOS 10 or buy iPhone 7 if you depend on this app.

Still Broken on 4.xx.16

Still does not work on latest version. Same problem as before. No luck re-downloading etc...


Any plans to get an update out so it will work with iOS 10? Really depended on this app and now nothing. Please tell me a fix is coming very soon!


Sonic wall has gone so far down hill since dell purchased it I should have known this would go bad not wonder we are getting rid of all our sonic walls every other vendor we use has updated or fixed there apps not a word from dell

This app is epic fail

AppicFail...iOS breaks it! No fix! Can't revert to iOS 9...thanks guys!

DOES NOT WORK ON iOS 10 !!!!!!!!!!!

Please fix ASAP! You cost me a sale!


Does not work with iOS 10

Not iOS 10 compatible.

Not iOS 10 compatible. Works on iOS 9

Doesn't work on iOS 10

If you rely on this tool for anything, don't update to iOS 10 - encouraging SonicWALL to resolve this issue as soon as possible.

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